About Solocal

We are the local digital partner for companies. Our job: advising and supporting them to boost their activity thanks to our digital services (Digital Presence, Digital Advertising, Websites).

We also provide users with the best possible digital experience with PagesJaunes, Mappy and Ooreka, and our partners (Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft/Bing, Yahoo!, etc.).

We provide professionals and the public with our high audience services, geolocalised data, scalable   technology   platforms,   unparalleled   order   intake   coverage   across   France,   our   privileged partnerships with digital companies and our talents in terms of data, development, digital marketing, etc. We gather nearly 400,000 companies all over France and 2.4 billion visits on our services.

Our commitments

Since 2013, Solocal has been engaged in a corporate social responsibility strategy. In 2018, compliance with the European Directive on the Publication of Extra-Financial Information has led Solocal to re-examine its main CSR risks and opportunities in order to publish its Statement on Non-Financial Performance (SNFP).

Promote the respect and security of personal data

The protection of personal data is a major challenge for Solocal, which aims to contribute to a trusted Internet meeting the growing aspirations of stakeholders. Regulatory compliance, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fundamental to ensuring the sustainability of the business. Failure to comply with these regulations would have multiple impacts: financial (via administrative sanctions) and criminal penalties, and would also weaken Solocal’s reputation.

Consolidate ethical governance taking into account CSR aspects to ensure the company’s sustainability

Beyond compliance with laws and regulations, Solocal considers that the incorporation of social, environmental and societal best practices into its governance can help it improve its economic performance and consolidate the trust in Solocal held by both its internal and external stakeholders, thereby helping to ensure the long-term viability of the Company.

Accompany change in jobs and skills

Solocal’s success is built primarily on the experience and expertise of its employees; ensuring the appropriateness of their skills with the changing needs of the Company’s activities is a true challenge in today’s competitive markets. As part of the “Solocal 2020” strategic transformation plan, the support of employees through training has become crucial to ensuring their employability, both in regards to their development within the company and to the valuing of their skills externally.

Promote the development of a pleasant work environment for everyone

In addition to individual skills, collective performance is nourished by the existence of a materially-favourable framework, an optimised organisation and positive inter-individual relationships. However, since 2013 Solocal has undergone profound transformation phases, giving rise to organisational tensions (2013 employee redundancy plan, 2015 voluntary redundancy plan, 2018 employee redundancy plan), and uncertainties for employees (changes in company governance, increased competition). This difficult situation can have consequences for the quality of life in the workplace: psychological impacts, loss of reference points, difficulties reaching objectives, etc. Recognising that improving working conditions helps in the attainment of its social and economic objectives, Solocal pays particular attention to changing working conditions and their modes of operation, in order to promote the well-being of its employees.

Strengthen employee engagement and the attractiveness of Solocal

In order to ensure the durability and development of the Company’s activities, Solocal needs to know how to attract and retain employees with specialised and complementary expertise, a challenge that is all the more difficult in the competitive field of digital technology jobs. This means providing a supportive environment in human, material and professional terms that encourages employees to express their talents to serve the company.

Accelerate the digitisation of French VSEs and SMEs and the development of digital skills in the territories

The low adoption of the internet by small and medium-sized businesses creates a risk of a loss of competitiveness and therefore the decrease in economic activities throughout France. Only 67% of French SMEs have websites, compared with more than 87% in Germany and 84% in the United Kingdom (1). This factor is even more significant with French micro-enterprises (95% of the French entrepreneurial fabric) where only one third of French VSEs have an Internet website. In order to boost the local economy through digital technology, Solocal is positioning itself as a trusted partner by offering simplified and efficient digital solutions to local economic players.

Ensure responsible content publication and access

In a context of ubiquitous digital communication, the trust of consumers and professionals in the Company’s brands is an essential asset that Solocal wants to preserve by keeping its quality standards at the highest level. This attention concerns all the information and advertising content that Solocal produces and disseminates on its platforms or on partner medias.

Optimise energy consumption, use of resources and reduce carbon impact

In a context of the threat of climate change, Solocal’s transformation must be accompanied by an optimisation of the resources used to develop its activities. Given that the environmental impact linked to the business of printed directories is no longer a major issue, other significant issues for the Company are: the energy-efficient management of its digital flows (data centres, applied eco-design, etc.), its car fleet and its real estate portfolio.

Facts & Figures


Other services (except public administration)


Creation Year: 1896

Employees: 3 546 (2019)

Head Office: Boulogne-Billancourt

Revenues: 584 millions (2019)

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