Putting people at the heart of stakeholder relations. The example of Bonduelle: a strong relationship with its farming partners.

Bonduelle cultivates a long-term relationship with its farming partners, based on respect for their independence and the exchange of know-how. 

These historic ties are a strength in meeting the challenges of the agro-ecological transition and are the result of a shared conviction: placing people at the heart of the company, at the heart of the system, makes innovative and sustainable solutions emerge.

Focus on the stakeholder relationship maintained by Bonduelle and its farming partners with Bertrand Menu, Agro Group Projects Leader at Bonduelle.

Cultivating a long-standing and close relationship with its farming partners

Each year, nearly one million tons of vegetables are grown by Bonduelle’s 2,800 farming partners. These farmers are committed to respecting the group’s Agronomic Supply Charter, which was drawn up in 1996 and was last updated in 2015. The charter aims to guarantee the quality of the vegetables as soon as they are grown. 

A successful partnership thanks to the mutual trust between Bonduelle and its farming partners. And for good reason, the loyalty rate of farmers is 90%. The average duration of the partnership is 20 years in France. 

In total, the agronomic teams that support Bonduelle’s farming partners throughout the year are made up of approximately 300 employees. The field supervisors work hand in hand with the farmers and monitor an average of twenty farms. At each stage of cultivation, they answer their questions and advise them on technical issues, such as the choice of vegetables or sowing dates, taking into account the specific characteristics of the plants and the soil. 

And in the long term, all the players in the sector share their knowledge to deploy alternative farming techniques and innovations. These synergies are essential for developing the transition to regenerative agriculture. 

A mutually beneficial relationship: farmers, Bonduelle and consumers

The relationship between Bonduelle and its farming partners is long-lasting because it is based on the sharing and exchange of knowledge, but above all on reciprocity. 

In addition to technical support, the partnership with Bonduelle provides for annually negotiated prices and fair remuneration, adjusted for climatic conditions or yield variations linked to industrial supply constraints. The aim is also to guarantee their independence. In France, for example, Bonduelle does not represent more than 20% of a farm’s sales.

This long-term, equal relationship allows us to develop a unique know-how, with processes of innovation and continuous improvement that ensure a high level of product quality for consumers. 

Farmer and shareholder : a further step to strengthen the relationship


To further anchor the partnership with farmers in the life of the company, since 2022 Bonduelle has been offering them the opportunity to become privileged shareholders, in France. This gives them the opportunity to own shares in the company.


This is a unique and positive initiative, as nearly 200 farming partners now participate in the shareholder round of the group for which they grow. This is a source of pride shared by the farmers and the Bonduelle teams, who see the initiative as a proof of trust and consideration, allowing them to strengthen their already strong ties.  


Forging strong ties and a close, long-standing relationship with our farming partners are essential foundations for meeting the challenges of food and climate change. For Bonduelle, it matters to look in the same direction and to share common values with its farming partners in order to fuel its mission: to inspire the transition toward a plant-based diet to contribute to people’s well-being and planet health.

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