About Us

Youmatter is an online news media with English and French Editions. Our purpose is to analyze and decrypt all the …

Youmatter is an online news media with English and French Editions. Our purpose is to analyze and decrypt all the major issues shaking and shaping our societies. Our ambition is clear: to provide citizens with better tools and information so they can understand and take action in our constantly-changing world. Youmatter has an audience of over 300,000 monthly visitors.

Questions regarding society, citizens, policies, the ecological transition, economic changes or even health, responsible consumption, technological challenges and opportunities or territorial issues: youmatter puts at the heart of its editorial line all the major issues of our time. To cover them in an integrated way, our media is structured around 9 main categories representing our main axes of publication:

  • Citizenship
  • Economy And Business
  • Planet
  • Health And Well-Being
  • Consumption
  • Technology
  • Territories
  • Work And Education
  • Energy And Mobility

To better understand these issues, youmatter positions itself as a slow-media: which means publishing less, but better content where there was time to analyze the complexity of every issue and put it into perspective. Therefore, the editorial project of youmatter is a proposal to look at news differently. One where we create a distance from the instantaneity of the everyday news and take the time to check different issues, put them into perspective within different contexts and study their implications from different angles. Youmatter is a media where citizens can go to fully understand, from a multi-perspective point of view, the facts and events happening every day and to widen their perspectives through an analytical journalistic look.

Youmatter also aims to put science and expertise at the heart of its journalistic approach. Be it social or political phenomena, ecological issues, major health issues or economic developments, we enlighten our content with the latest scientific studies and reports. Our goal: to guarantee the trustworthiness of the information we share and the claims we make while popularizing quality information rarely put forward across the media.

Finally, Youmatter also has “Pro” area dedicated to professionals. This section deals with issues such as feedback and time management, building efficiency, transportation and energy, corporate responsibility, R&D, among others, from an angle that’s likely to be of interest to different professionals – from directors to managers, employees, entrepreneurs