About us

Faced with environmental and societal challenges, we need to understand them and act, individually and collectively, now more than ever. For over 14 years, Youmatter has been giving you the means to participate in the transitions of our time. 

The name Youmatter is rich in meaning. Choosing this name for our news platform and training organisation is the perfect embodiment of our identity and our approach: to put YOU at the heart of change!

Because in order to move forward and change, we need to get everyone on board. Youmatter is information and training that brings you together, that transforms you.


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Who are we? We’ll tell you all about us!

14 years ago, Pierre-Yves Sanchis, founder of Youmatter, had a crazy project in mind: to help as many people as possible gain a better understanding of the ecological and social challenges we are facing.

But what for? To provide professionals, students and the general public with :

  • the right information, analyses and methodologies to help them make informed individual and collective choices,
  • the right arguments to convince others at home and at work,
  • the right facts to ask the right questions of those who influence our common future. 

In short, our goal is to give you the keys to take action and transform society! At Youmatter, we’re all convinced of one thing: you’re part of the ecological and social transition and you have the power to change things!

Youmatter, a subsidiary of Kisskissbank & Co, is made up of a small team committed to providing as many people as possible with the information and training that will bring you together and transform you! 

Our mission If you accept it

For over 14 years now, Youmatter has been helping you, the citizens and professionals reading these words, to develop your knowledge and skills in relation to the transformational issues of the 21st century. Our mission: 


better understand the ecological and social challenges.


to take action, both individually and collectively.

Our 3 pillars to support you


Via our news platform and articles, podcasts, newsletters, videos, etc. Find out how Youmatter can help you. 

Let us guide you


E-learning, face-to-face training or blended learning, Youmatter adapts to your needs and challenges.

Train yourself


Youmatter provides advice and coaching to help you implement more responsible practices.


Our values that make us who we are

Deeply human

At Youmatter, we are committed to putting you at the heart of our approach. But how do we do that? 

  • by deciphering the complex issues that matter to you and to future generations, 
  • by guaranteeing you free access to sourced content aimed at everyone, whatever your level, 
  • by putting you at the centre of our editorial and educational thinking, adapting to your needs and your individuality. 

Accessibility for all

Accessibility is in Youmatter’s DNA. Since the company was founded, we have fought to keep our news platform free and open, because access to quality information is vital if everyone is to understand things better. 

Accessibility also means enabling people with disabilities to access our content. On this new website, a dyslexic mode has been integrated to make reading easier. Accessibility is also vital for our training courses. All our e-learnings can meet the RGAA standard, a general standard for improving digital accessibility published by the interministerial digital french department. 

Accessibility is also made possible by our human-sized team. We currently employ around ten people, but we don’t want to keep growing. We want to remain close to both our readers and our customers. Because that’s important to us!  

Once humble, always humble

Humility and innovation are two of Youmatter’s core values.  In all humility, the transfer of knowledge is at the heart of our approach and our support. Whatever your level of education, your level of knowledge or your social background, we’re here for you, to support you. 

This humility is also reflected in our methodology: we don’t claim to know everything, which is why we can call on external experts to offer you the best possible support. 

Takeaway: Youmatter tests all its training courses directly on the teams! 

Fighting for you

Like real lions, the Youmatter team fights every day to inform and train you in the major issues of the ecological and social transition. We’re convinced that, together, we can make a difference.  Because as the saying goes: small streams make big rivers! 

Our ambition for us, for you

Inform, train or support the ecological and social transformation of as many individuals as possible!

Pierre-Yves SANCHIS, Founder and Managing Director

The training that brings you together

At Youmatter, we don’t train you like anywhere else! Thanks to our unique approach and teaching methodology, we put the learner at the heart of our approach. Youmatter is first and foremost a teaching team capable of meeting your needs. Whether you’re looking for customised training, a catalogue or a blended-learning course, we’ll help you find the training you need. 

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A community more committed than ever

Today, there are more than 25,000 of YOU who receive our newsletter every Tuesday, and more than 400,000 of you who read our content every month all over the world – 400,000 professionals, students and citizens looking for reliable, educational, quality information. 

As well as being our primary source of motivation and pride on a daily basis, these figures warm our hearts. Alongside the 14,000 people who will be educated and trained by 2023 through our training courses, you are part of the Youmatter family, a committed community. And this is just the beginning! 

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