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Energy transition: what are the negative impacts on ecosystems?

The energy transition is an essential part of the fight against global warming. However, it can have very negative consequences at the ecosystems level – particularly on biodiversity. Let’s understand what’s at stake so we can better anticipate and design an ecologically desirable energy transition.
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14 years ago, Pierre-Yves Sanchis, founder of Youmatter, had a crazy project in mind: to help as many people as possible gain a better understanding of the ecological and social challenges we are facing.

But what for? To provide professionals, students and the general public with :

  • the right information, to help them make informed individual and collective choices,
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  • the right facts to ask the right questions of those who influence our common future.

In short, our goal is to give you the keys to take action and transform society! At Youmatter, we’re all convinced of one thing: you’re part of the ecological and social transition and you have the power to change things!

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