Corporate culture: what tools should employees be given to encourage their personal and professional development? Answer with Bonduelle

Marine Henin - HR Director

Bonduelle Group

After more than 20 years of experience as head of Human Resources in family-owned industrial groups, I joined Bonduelle to take part, from the inside, in the food and environmental transition and contribute to the well-being and protection of the planet. Today, I work daily with the teams to develop a management style that empowers people and allows them to have an impact and reveal themselves in a challenging, collaborative and caring environment.

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The search for positive impact has now integrated the whole public space. Increasingly, we are seeing transformations in the consumption habits of citizens, companies in all sectors are officially committing to the path of impact, politicians are taking a stand on new laws that take environmental issues into account… We are even seeing this movement on the part of employees, and in particular young people, who are increasingly involved in a quest for meaning, in particular by the Covid-19 crisis.

In this respect, Bonduelle is committed, as part of its corporate culture, to enabling each individual to have a positive and lasting impact on themselves, a positive impact on others and a positive impact on the planet. To achieve this, it relies on a corporate culture focused on people. Marine Henin, Bonduelle’s  Chief Human Resources Officer, takes a closer look at the tools used to promote the professional and personal development of employees.

Bonduelle: a human-centered corporate culture

As a company on the path to positive impact, Bonduelle wishes to extend this movement by offering its employees the opportunity to have an impact: a positive impact on themselves, in terms of self-expression and personal and professional development, a positive impact on others, namely communities and colleagues, and a positive impact on the planet, with particular reference to the environment.

They talk about professional opportunities at Bonduelle

To this end, Bonduelle has developed a corporate culture of proximity, advocating simple relationships, diversity and empowerment. This corporate culture is based on a set of strong values that have been in place for many years and have been enhanced over time. These values – integrity, people-mindedness, trust, simplicity, excellence, openness and fairness – are close to those of the agricultural world, which is at the heart of the company’s business. Bonduelle has a strong connection to nature and healthy food.

As a link between the earth and the consumer, between the balance of the planet and the balance of individuals, Bonduelle is a legitimate player in providing its employees with tools that enable them to have an impact on themselves. This is made possible by a corporate culture that is consistent with the social issues of today and tomorrow, the expectations of individuals and the history of Bonduelle.

A framework conducive to the professional and personal development of employees

As an impact company, Bonduelle is committed to enabling each individual to have a positive and lasting impact. Because of its size and core business, the company has a wide variety of profiles, professions, technologies and countries. This strength is used to develop an inclusive corporate culture and to develop large-scale programs that enable employees to achieve their full potential in their professional lives, in particular with:

– The B.COME program (Bonduelle, Collaborative, Open to growth, Mission driven, Empowered): Bonduelle is applying its employer brand in a leadership program that enables everyone to develop their collaborative skills and have a positive impact on themselves. This program inspires all HR processes such as career development, recruitment and HR interviews.

– The DEAL program (Decision closest to the issue, Everyone has a say, Across Bonduelle, Learn and challenge): a leadership development program to develop the corporate culture that defines the operating rules to be implemented to promote B.COME attitudes. Through this program, the employees themselves expressed their opinions on how the group’s operations could help develop behaviors and attitudes specific to the group’s corporate culture.

Through these two programs, Bonduelle aims to give its employees the keys to developing their career paths and promoting their well-being. For example, the company provides employees with a range of training courses or programs on a variety of topics: getting to know oneself better, emotional intelligence, conflict management, organizing sleep, nutrition, office ergonomics, telecommuting with children at home, etc.

In terms of professional development, internal mobility is also encouraged and the implementation of cross-functional and international projects, for example, offers employees the opportunity to grow through sharing and discovering different cultures.

Finally, the support described by the group starts from the first day of the employee’s employment, who is given a specific pathway that immerses him or her in the company’s culture quickly and encourages integration with the support of a mentor. It is through Bonduelle’s employees that the corporate culture lives on and is passed on. And it is thanks to the development of this culture that employees have a positive impact on themselves.

Bonduelle’s corporate culture is at the crossroads of contemporary societal issues, what human beings expect as employees and citizens, and the values of the company. Embodied and shared by all employees, this culture is the source of excellent career paths for employees who have sometimes been with the group for nearly 30 years. It also encourages the organization of solidarity actions between employees, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Bonduelle’s ambition today is to rank among the top 25 organizations in terms of commitment. There are currently nearly 1,300 job openings in the group, so find yours now!

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