According to a new study, CSR issues are at the heart of the concerns of business leaders but also of those of employees.

Each year, Mercer publishes its annual Global Talent Trends report in which the consultancy firm analyzes the future of work and its implications for workers, businesses, and society in general.

This year, there is a particularly salient trend: CSR. According to the results, CSR is at the heart of the new and expected developments in the world of work and at the heart of the concerns of managers, employees, and other stakeholders.

CSR Issues Are at the Heart of Tomorrow’s Work

When business leaders are asked which subjects worry them most in the world of work for the years to come, 50% respond cybersecurity will likely impact their business in the coming years. However, the topics that come right after are all related to CSR and corporate engagement:

  • Corporate responsibility for social issues
  • Consumer interest in ethical and responsible products
  • Talent migration

These are the subjects that are increasing the most: on average, managers mentioned them 2 more times compared to the previous year. And the same is true for employees: a good number of them place the criterion of meaning at work among their reasons for keeping or leaving a job. 

In fact, meaning at work is the most important criterion for German workers and the second most important for Italian or Indian workers. Among the remaining criteria most often mentioned, there is the chance to have a good work-life balance but also a pleasant and fun working environment and the recognition of one’s contribution to organizational goals.

Organizational Focus on CSR Leads to More Engaged Employees

Mercer’s report also shows that the companies most committed to the various aspects of CSR (work/life balance, aligning their work with important personal values or switching to more responsible management) are those whose employees are most committed with the organization.

For example, 54% of employees indicate that being able to better manage their work/life balance would be one of the 5 things their employees could do to motivate them at work. It is for this reason that the report also highlights 3 main themes on which to focus to attract talent:

  • Ethics: It is critical for HR departments to build values ​​such as responsibility, inclusiveness, and transparency in order to inspire confidence among employees.
  • Equity: diversity, transparency in decisions, fight against internal inequalities…
  • Empathy: aligning activities with company values, understanding, and improving the social impact of the company…

In summary: CSR is at the heart of the current transformations in the world of work and business leaders are increasingly seeing the challenges that these subjects pose for their business. At the same time, employees are also requesting a greater engagement from their employers and looking for meaningful jobs. To attract and retain talent, working on social responsibility topics is now fundamental.

[Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash]