This year, (former is partnering with Sustainable Brands, the largest European event on sustainable development and innovation. Find us from April 23 to 25 at the Carrousel du Louvre for the first edition of this exceptional event!

Are you engaged in the areas of sustainability and innovation? Do you work for a cutting edge brand? Then you probably already know Sustainable Brands, right? Sustainable Brands has been the largest global network of companies committed to sustainability and innovation for more than 12 years. With 1.5 million members and 12 major international events, it is a reference when it comes to efficient and sustainable business models.

For the first time in 2019, Sustainable Brands is coming to Europe. By organizing this conference in Paris in 2019, the biggest European event on sustainable development and innovation aims to get European players involved in discussing sustainability. So come over and discover this extraordinary event of which e-CSR is a partner! Join us from April 23 to 25 at the Carroussel du Louvre.

Sustainable Brands Paris 2019: An Event At The Heart Of Innovation And Sustainability

“If we seriously want to tackle the challenges of this century, we must think and act outside the box. Our goal remains to inspire our participants with ideas and tangible solutions. In order to maximize the experience at SBParis, the content of plenary sessions and hubs, together with the networking opportunities and workshop formats will break new ground.” This is the promise of Sustainable Brands Paris 2019: to be a pioneer event that’s different and out of the box.

Regarding its organization, the conference will have the plenary sessions organized in original formats: one body one vote, what if, keynote with a twist … This is the perfect opportunity to find out the best practices of sustainability experts. And then there’s the Hubs. 7 Hubs for 7 sectoral themes (Cities, Finance, Science & Technology, Nutrition, Sport, Lifestyle and Housing), structured around a central space, the Shaker. Designed to be true spaces of exchange, testing, sharing and exploration, the Hubs promise to give a real, hands-on and collaborative flow to the conference.

The Best International Experts At The Heart Of Sustainable Brands Paris 2019

At the heart of the event, we’ll find the best experts and some of the most notable actors on the topics of sustainable development and innovation. From committed companies to B-Corps, innovative start-ups, but also social organizations… a myriad of international actors who will surely keep the debates on fire.

Sustainable Brands: Register Now!

Join the European transition movement towards a more innovative and sustainable economic model! Come to Sustainable Brands from 23 to 25 April 2019 at the Carroussel du Louvre! Register here.

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