From the 23rd to the 25th of April Sustainable Brands will move to the Carrousel du Louvre. Discover the program of this bold conference that promises to showcase the brands taking the lead on sustainability and the main actors driving change.

For the first time this year, the main European Sustainable Brands event will take place in Paris, at the Carrousel du Louvre, from the 23rd of April until the 25th. Sustainable Brand’s goal is pretty clear: they want to become the biggest European event on sustainable development. So this year, the audience attending the event will have the chance to absorb the ideas of highly relevant actors driving positives changes on society. So… have you wondered about what is leaving brands worried, how they are planning to innovate or if there are new sustainable products coming out soon? Then you really need to discover Sustainable Brands’ 2019 Program, made in partnership with

To participate in the event, register here. Oh! And remember our discount code: ERSE @ SBParisx30

Sustainable Brands Paris: Understanding The Challenges Of Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Brands Paris will consist of sessions with influential and inspiring international actors who will cover the most interesting issues around sustainable development. The program of SB Paris 2019 (complete program here) will be made of sessions such as:

  • “Be a sustainable brand, be bold!”
  • “Inventing new models: from service to experience”
  • “Quality of life is not an option”
  • “Sustainable capitalism: opportunity or scam? “
  • “CSR: What we have missed and why we are now on the right track”
  • “A virtuous value chain: giving value to virtue”
  • “Artificial intelligence: for better and for worse”
  • “Create more value by selling fewer products”
  • “Is the blue revolution the only solution?”

These sessions will be held by some of the most specialized speakers:

7 Hubs To Connect To You With Tomorrow’s Evolutions

Sustainable Brands Paris will also have a 7 hubs format. Which means there will be 7 different hubs to help you understand and connect to the trends and developments of tomorrow. In each hub, different areas like Lifestyle, Nutrition, Cities, Sport, Finance, Science & Technology will be discussed, all hosted by different event partners like Utopies, Nativa, Globescan or BSR. All you will have to do is take your pick and join them on the right stage. Simultaneously, it will be an opportunity for industry professionals to connect and interact, as well as for key market trends and key innovations by sector to be analyzed. Hubmazing, right?

And will be there too – and particularly active at the “hot seat” stage. The hot seat is a different format of the conference dedicated to brands’ major announcements like new creations, innovation strategies or new partnerships. Since it will be broadcasted on social networks, it’ll be an opportunity to connect everyone to the event thanks to the power of digital.

To participate in the event all you have to do is register here and use our discount code: ERSE @ SBParisx30.

See you there?