In times when people can’t or shouldn’t leave their homes due to the new coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to stay at home and to remain mentally strong. Here are 5 tips to help you overcome this challenge.

1 – Stay Focused On What Is Under Your Control

Many things are out of our control these days. Particularly in places where there’s a mandatory quarantine going on, the absence of the feeling of freedom can lead to some anxiety.

Try to go around this feeling by staying focused on the areas of your life (aka your home and personal life) you can control. Focus on your work (if you can work remotely), on creating a healthy and consistent schedules for things like cooking, checking on the kids, tidying up the place and leisure indoor activities.

Take care of the ones around you, warn your loved ones living at distance. If you have a company or a skill that you think might help local movements to feed to the elderly or to support the healthcare system, get involved. Otherwise, focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t.

2 – Select Your Sources Of Information Carefully

Lots of rumors and non-science-based information are being shared these days – some of which is not correct while other data ends up adding no valuable information and creates only fear and panic instead.

If you have to choose, go for good quality information from your local health administration and from global experts like WHO rather than consuming un-checked news from unreliable sources shares across social media.

3 – Get in Touch With Friends And Family Frequently

Seeing the face of your dears ones will help get that feeling of comfort and relaxation as you reckon everyone is going through the same and (hopefully) doing alright. It’s also a chance to get in touch with the people you don’t see for a long time and to check how they are doing.

With movements showing up defending the use of the expression “physical distancing” rather than “social distance”, nurturing our social self feels good and reminds us we’re apart but we’re together.

4 – Move Your Body

You know what they say: healthy bodies, healthy minds. There are tons of gym and freelance teachers offering online classes of yoga or pilates: why not try them out?

There are also lots of videos available on youtube from fitness experts you can learn from. Or you can just dance too. Either way, what about releasing some endorphins and trigger positive feelings in your body? Besides, if you are walking and moving less, the sooner you start the less you’ll have to worry about your diet later!

5 – Take The Time For Personal Development

This is the time. There are now no excuses. If you have been thinking about learning or improving your cooking skills, learning a new language or a new subject, go for it! It will help you take the focus off of what is going on around and take back some control.

But there is time for fun too. Play your musical instrument, board or video games (there’s even an online app for this), watch a movie (series) or a fun podcast. Keep busy, you are the owner of your time!

[Image credits to Shutterstock]