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Citizen issues are at the heart of the transition

Contemporary democracies are undergoing many changes: an ever greater desire for participatory democracy, a change of institutions, corruption and the need for transparency…


At the same time, new issues are emerging: immigration, climate refugees, human rights across borders, equality, political tensions, among other questions around the functioning of society or collective ethics.

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sustainability men women

Apparently, Sustainable Development Is A Women’s Thing. But It Should Be Everyone’s Business

by André Gonçalves

Education and training

5 minutes to read

robot automation jobs

Automation And Robots Are Coming – How Likely Is Your Job To Survive?

by André Gonçalves

Economic and financial issues

14 minutes to read

universal basic income definition

Universal Basic Income (UBI): Is It Utopian Giving Everyone Free Money?

by André Gonçalves

Economic and financial issues

10 minutes to read

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