Here we go over what can one do to have a more responsible consumption. We cover the latest market trends, analyse how eco-friendly they are and learn how to make wise choices that save money and are good for the planet.

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Consumption - An Issue That Matters

It’s very important to consider the direct and indirect greenhouse emissions that come along with the products and services we consume. Knowing the impacts they had across their value creation chain is key to making more responsible and sustainable choices.


We cover the latest market trends, analyze how eco-friendly different products and commodities are and teach you how to make wiser choices that save money and are good for the planet.

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big bug revolution market

Will We Start Eating Bugs? Are Insects More Sustainable Than Meat?

by André Gonçalves

Food and nutrition

8 minutes to read

avocado benefits production environmental impact

Avocado Sustainability: What Are the Social and Environmental Impacts of Avocados?

by André Gonçalves

Ecosystems and biodiversity

8 minutes to read

ecological clothes fashion industry

Eco-Fashion: 3 Simples Ways To Dress In A More Ecological Way

by André Gonçalves


7 minutes to read

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