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Discover all the news related to energy and mobility, two central issues in the evolution of contemporary societies.

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Energy and transport are at the heart of the transition

Energy and transportation are at the heart of our daily lives. Moving around, heating, lighting, consuming products and services, charging our devices, staying informed about the news: all this is only possible thanks to our energy and transport infrastructure.


Today, these sectors are in the midst of a revolution. Their environmental, social and economic consequences make their reinvention a very important issue. New ways and innovations in the field of mobility, tips to act more responsibly regarding the transportation means we have today, news about the energy transition… learn more about energy and transport with us.

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Debates ON energy and transportation

laptop charge battery mains

How To Use Laptops In An Eco-Friendly Way And Make Batteries Last Longer

Should laptops be left plugged in or unplugged while being used? What is the best way of saving more energy? …

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diesel petrol cars pollution vehicles

Diesel Or Petrol Engines: Which Pollutes More? A Complex Question

Which Is More Polluting: Petrol Engines Or Diesel Engines? Which Emits The Most CO2? And What About Fine Particles And NOx? Let’s …

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Are Electric Cars Really Greener?

Are electric cars really eco-friendly? They seem to be a great solution to fight climate change and they are even said to have zero emissions. Is it true?

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Definitions to help clarify

examples renewable energy wind solar biomass geothermal

Renewable Energy: Definition, Examples, Benefits and Limitations

What is renewable energy? Which are the best examples of renewable energies in the world? What are their advantages and disadvantages? …

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what is sharing economy definition

Sharing Economy: Definition, Examples and Figures

What is the sharing economy? Definition of the sharing economy. Find out some examples and figures on the sharing economy. …

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sustainability definition what examples

Sustainability – What Is It? Definition, Principles and Examples

What is sustainability? What does it mean? What are the principles and pillars behind sustainability? What examples of sustainability are …

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