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Discover all the news related to energy and mobility, two central issues in the evolution of contemporary societies.

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Energy and transport are at the heart of the transition

Energy and transportation are at the heart of our daily lives. Moving around, heating, lighting, consuming products and services, charging our devices, staying informed about the news: all this is only possible thanks to our energy and transport infrastructure.


Today, these sectors are in the midst of a revolution. Their environmental, social and economic consequences make their reinvention a very important issue. New ways and innovations in the field of mobility, tips to act more responsibly regarding the transportation means we have today, news about the energy transition… learn more about energy and transport with us.

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Debates ON energy and transportation

why eat legumes healthy

Legumes: 5 reasons why you should be eating them more often

Why should you eat legumes and include lentils, beans or peas in your diet? In this article, we share 5 …

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capitalism saving sustainability environment

A Sustainable Planet and Stable Society Mean Capitalism Needs To Change

At the very best, today’s capitalism needs reinventing to make sure we’re able to walk towards to healthier planet and …

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fight climate change future earth

How to Fight Climate Change? 5 Surprising Take-Aways from Holthaus’ “Future Earth”

What is the Future Earth book about? How does a sustainable planet look like and how can we help shape …

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Definitions to help clarify

dont look up climate change

3 Lessons Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” teaches us about climate change

Is Don’t Look Up based on a true story? Although it feeds and amplifies an event that truly happened – …

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regeneration definition regenerative

Sustainability isn’t enough: here’s why we need to regenerate

Are you concerned with the health of planet Earth? Then there are three terms you need to get familiar with: …

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impact food system production

Food Systems Cause One Third of Global Anthropogenic GHG Emissions, a New Study Suggests

Farming, harvesting, transporting, processing, packaging, distributing, cooking, or getting disposed of residuals – the life-cycle of the food system is …

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