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Planet: An Issue That Matters

Global warming, the biodiversity crisis, depletion of resources: human beings are irreparably transforming the Planet that provides us with shelter.


In all fields, scientists are warning: it is urgent to preserve our ecosystems to ensure the long-term survival capacities of our species. More than ever, it is crucial to understand the reality of the ecological problem and to know how to act (collectively and individually) to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time: the ecological crisis.

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Debates ON planet-related issues

hydrogen car electric car

Hydrogen Cars Vs Electric Cars: Which Is More Sustainable?

Are hydrogen cars greener than electric cars? Are hydrogen cars the best mobility alternative for the future? They don’t emit …

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airplanes polluting cars co2

Planes Or Cars – Which Pollutes The Most? Which Is More Sustainable?

For a long time, planes have been much blamed for greenhouse emissions and global warming. For many years, they were …

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nuclear energy ecological sustainable

Is Nuclear Energy Clean, Zero Emissions And Ecological?

Is nuclear energy ecological? Is nuclear energy clean? Does it really have zero carbon emissions? What pollution does it generate? How dangerous …

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Definitions to help clarify


Climate Change: Meaning, Definition, Causes, Examples And Consequences

What is climate change? Is it the same as global warming? When did climate become a hot topic in the …

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ocean acidification definition

Ocean Acidification Definition – What Are Its Consequences And Solutions?

What is ocean acidification? What causes it? What are its consequences? How can ocean acidification be reduced? Ocean Acidification Definition Ocean acidification is …

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csr what is deforestation impacts solutions

What Is Deforestation? Definition, Causes, Consequences, Solutions

What is deforestation? What is the definition of deforestation and why is deforestation happening? Let’s figure out what are the …

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Tips and advice to how to be more sustainable and help protect the environment

deforestation stop prevent help

5 Ways You Can Help Stop Deforestation

by André Gonçalves

Ecosystems and biodiversity

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ocean protection tips

Ocean Protection: 8 Things You Can Do To Help Protect The Oceans

by André Gonçalves

Ecosystems and biodiversity

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household zero waste

A Greener And More Economical Household: 5 Tips

by André Gonçalves


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